Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Stars: 9 / 10

An incredibly well made film, with an emotionally stirring (true) story, which is sure to make your heart ache and your mind reel.

A must-see for anyone interested in WWII, cyphers, mathematics, the history of computers, and human rights.... oh, and Benedict Cumberbatch, because seriously, this guy is amazing!

Cumberbatch's performance of Alan Turing is nothing short of brilliant. His dedication to characterisation details is totally professional and completely believable (apparently, at his own request, Cumberbatch wore false teeth that were modeled after Turing's real set of dentures.)

So if I loved it so much, why didn't I give The Immitation Game a perfect score of 10 stars?! Though they were well done, neither the cinematography nor score were particularly "wowing" (with the exception for some of the air raid sequences, where were really beautiful, despite their horrific context,) but the visuals and the music were, most certainly, appropriate -- nothing wrong with them, but not amazing enough for perfection.

Impressive attention to period costumes (including one suit that was an authentic vintage piece from the 40's) and set designs.

I enjoyed the editing in this film, with occasional cuts to wartime footage, which managed to horrify, without being gory. In fact, this film manages to shock and horrify without being gory-graphic at all. It's is also smut-free, without the usual obligatory nipple flash and sex romp that one comes to expect from modern cinema.  So, for those of you who are squemish about sex and violence, you'll have no problems here. The Immitation Game is not about cheap thills and spills, and doesn't need to fill up time with pyrotechniques, it's about storytelling, and titilates with fine acting, history, intellect, and the human heart.

Bottom line: SEE THIS FILM. 



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