Friday, 16 January 2015

Stars: 2 / 10

Quite possibly the dullest ghost story, ever made. (I should have known better, when I saw it was Dreamworks, that it was going to be a snoozer.)

Taylor-made for overly-sheltered, ageing WASPs, with a bit of obvious stealing from Hitchock's Rear Window (and even a little nod to Psycho, both in image and soundtrack) if you're looking for a originality, real terror, interesting characters, and compelling acting, you won't find any of it here.

Lifestyles of the Anxiously Bored and Wealthy! Watch Michelle Pfeiffer playing a nervous, wealthy housewife, with a singular facial expression, and a ego-maniacal husband, as she putters around her big, empty house... watch the front door open by itself over and over again... watch a picture fall down and shatter over and over again... watch the bathtub being full of water over and over again... watch the story unfold exactly the way you guessed it would, one dull, predictable scene after another... So, so, so thrilling.

I kept watching because I really hoped the story would get better... *sigh* No dice.
I will say, however, that I did enjoy the photography towards the end of the film (seriously, what took so long?!)

If you're looking for a Hitchcockian thriller, why settle for this second-rate wannabe mess? Just go watch Hitchcock, and stay far away from What Lies Beneath.



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