Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Stars: 10 / 10

Inspiring, beautiful, heart wrenching, one of the best films (and acting perfromances,) I have ever seen!

Eddie Redmayne's performance as cosmologist Stephen Hawking will blow your mind! The physical demands of his performance are incredibly intense, and his likeness to the real Hawking is astounding. You will forget that you're watching an actor, and completely loose yourself in the emotional impact of his performance. Even Hawking said, in an email to the director, that he felt like he was watching himself on the screen.

Felicity Jones, as real-life super woman Jane Hawking, is nothing short of stunning. She plays through the whole gambit of emotions, and thoroughly convinces.

The visuals in this film are absolutely gorgeous. Purposeful and intentional, every scene is beautifully staged, blocked, and shot, with the carefulest attention to detail, colour, and flow of movement. CGI is used sparingly, but eloquently, with captivating beauty.

The score, like it's visual companion, is elegant, sophisticated, and gorgeous! I loved the music in every scene, with it's delicate nuances, never overwhelming, never dull, and never shrill, it blends and weaves itself perfectly into every scene, like a character of its own, giving a unique and heart-felt perfromance in tandum with the physical actors.

Cleverly edited; I especially loved editing at the film's conclusion... you'll see!

The Theory of Everything goes to great lengths to bring us back in time, paying the greatest of attention to tiny details, including an actual award medallion and signed thesis of the real Hawking.

I'm unable to find a good trailer that doesn't over-spoil key
plot moments and surprises, so I have nothing to post. Just trust me... 

SEE THIS FILM. Inspiration (and tears) guarenteed. 

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