Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Stars: 9 / 10

Fabulous! Practically perfection.

Beautiful visuals, with effects that don't upstage the human drama, yet still manage to "wow!"

Moving performances, particularly from McConaughey (I admit it, I cried a bit!) and a cast who look like "real people."

An elegant score. Captivating, and perfectly synced with the imagery.

A plausible and interesting futuristic setting, which could be today, tomorrow, or a hundred years from now... so very relevant. Occasionally predictable, but still some suspense and surprise, and leaves you with lots to discuss afterwards.
 My only (perhaps shallow) complaint of the entire film is that the daughter's name, "Murph", is really awkward and ugly, and when you hear it drawled over and over, especially in tender moments of the story, it's distracting and icky... like a strange hair on your table,  in a 5 star restaurant... it's not on your plate, but it's still on the table... right next to your fork... eww. 

Otherwise, this movie is fantastic! See it. You'll be glad you did.


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