Saturday, 15 March 2014

Stars: 1 / 10

What is this, a made for Disney Channel movie?!

A sulky teen drama: "my bff kissed my bf and now my stoopid parents r making me babysit 'cause I went over my minutes. omg fml" does not a horror movie make.... albeit horrible to sit through.

You will not find slasher kills, nor gore, nor sfx, nor mystery, nor thrills, nor scares here.

What you will get is a teen girl who looks like a Tom Cruise clone who does nothing but play phone-tag for about an hour. Ugh. Pleeeeease, will somebody kill her already ??!!

I gave this dreadful dud 1 little star only because the house (set) is amazing... what a dream of minimal, modernist Japanese-meets-Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design. Lovely! Seeing more of the house is ONLY reason why I didn't abandon this failed film.

I do not recommend this movie to anyone. Honestly, you're better off jabbing a stick in your eye.

Skip this lameduck remake, and just see the 1979 original:

Director: Simon West  (tsk tsk!)
Year: 2006
Main Cast: Camilla Belle


Even watching the trailer would be punishment... I won't do that you.


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