Saturday, 2 November 2013

Stars: 7  / 10

Subtle, slow-paced, and subtextual, Safe is an under-sung intellectualist indie masterpiece.

An interesting look into the emotional and intellectual vapidness of the American idol rich, humanity's modern disconnection with both nature and "self", the toxicity of the late 20th century, conformity, illness, and the inequities of both conventional and "new age" medicine.

Haynes leaves much open to the viewer's interpretation, and fills the cinematic plate with heaps of serious food for thought.

The 80's staging is so well done, down to finest details, including the ambient scoring, pastel colour schemes, and retro-styled film texture, at times I really forgot that I wasn't watching an 80's film.

Director: Todd Haynes
Year: 1995
Main Cast: Julianne Moore, Xander Berkeley



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