Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Stars: 6 / 10

Silly bits, dull parts (particularly in the beginning), and I could have done without the mockumentary style... but even so, I was creeped-out, and sometimes really scared, so, ultimately, mission accomplished. I recommend you watch this late at night, with the lights out, for maximum effectiveness.

Note: I saw the Director's Cut version first, which has a different ending than the edited theatrical release. Personally, I preferred the DC ending.


Director: Oren Peli
Year: 2007
Main Cast: Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat, Mark Fredrichs


Just because it's so well made, and really does give an alternative (and humorous) perspective,
 I feel compelled to add this "honest trailer", too. ( lol )  

Extended Review:

This is not the finest scary movie ever made, but it did, indeed, scare me! A special nod to the successful low-budget effects. Some of the scariest moments for me were in the subtle sound effects.

A big groan though for the dreaded handheld horror mockumentary... why?! Why do they do this to us?! Blair Witch, you are to blame for spawning an entire genre of poorly filmed gonzo horror. Shame on you! (FYI: I like The Blair Witch Project, but damn it, it was enough!) Once you've seen a couple "reality" handheld horrors, you've seen enough to last you a lifetime. I really can't wait until this fad is well over. I would have liked Paranormal Activity a whole lot more, had it been filmed differently (ie better.)

The leading male character comes off as being a total douche, and if you're like me, you'll secretly route for him to die a terrible death. Yet, I did get a sense of reality from his acting... either Micah Sloat is a mighty fine actor, or else he really is a total douchebag. It really could go either way.

Without giving spoilers, be aware that the endings of the Director's Cut and the theatrical release are so far removed from each other that in a way, they make 2 separate films. The film's ending was cut and reshot to make it more sequel-friendly (a really bad choice, IMO, especially since I disliked the sequel, immensely.) Another fine example as to why production company executives should keep their noses out of the creative processes of film making.


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