Saturday, 14 June 2014

Stars: 1 / 10

Stilted, unnatural acting, something of an amateur community theatre calibre.

A tedious and unbelievable tale, any hint of mystery and macabre is quickly squashed by boredom and ill-chosen "tell me" rather than "show me" elements in a script that moves along with all the grace and speed of a flat tire.

Crap acting, lazy direction, obnoxious score, lacklustre lighting,  poorly constructed story,  badly written script ( with an unnecessarily disturbing implication of hamster torture and murder, to which the characters don't have any emotional reaction whatsoever -- wtf ?!) round out this pitiful disappointment into one of the worst movies I've ever sat through.

How this ever managed to have a 7-star rating on IMDB is beyond me.

Please, fellow film fan, save yourself the time... you'd be better off punching yourself in the face, rather than sitting though this horrendous flop of a film.

 The only thing that kept me from shutting it off, 30 minutes in, is a personal goal to see all of Foster's films... no cheats. So far, this is the only one that has been painfully bad.

Director: Nicholas Gessner
Year: 1976
Main Cast:
Jodie Foster, Scott Jacoby, Mort Shuman, Martin Sheen


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