Sunday, 15 June 2014

Stars: 5 / 10

Visuals : 10 ... Script: 0

If this had been a silent film, it would have been perfect, but, sadly, it's rife with banal and irritating chitter-chatter, none of which was used to truly propel the story nor profoundly flesh-out the characters. Everything that needed to be known could have simply been shown in a couple of captions, and expressed through body language/facial expressions. NOTHING needed to be said here, especially not this dribble that was passed off as dialogue.

The special effects and astounding real-ness of this film, however, blew me away! The attention to detail and the shocking realism of the actors' weightlessness is stunning! Though I warn you: anyone who is highly sensitive to motion sickness will want to avoid this film.

Clooney's performance may be generic (due to his weak-water scripting,) but Bullock's performance is impressive, and uncharacteristically physical.

There is a faint hint of "2001: Space Oddessy" in the scent of this film, though it clearly stands apart. The not-so-subtle metaphors for gestation, birth, re-birth, and evolution are beautifully illustrated in this film, and give the viewer an eloquent buffet of food-for-thought.

The ecological situation that Gravity presents is quite serious, and not something that one might have been previously aware of... kudos to director and writer Cuarón for approaching this little-known, yet globally effecting subject, which not only effects the environment but also the future of human space exploration and communications. (I recommend that you check out the accompanying documentary, which is offered as a "special feature" on the DVD.)

Because the dialogue is so painfully stupid, next time I watch Gravity, I'll be sure to put the film on mute and enjoy its visual excellence with some ambient music, instead: voila, perfection!

Alfonso Cuarón
Year: 2013

Main Cast: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Ed Harris


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