Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Stars: 6 / 10

Amusing, with several lovely shots. The opening titles, in particular, were beautifully montages. The story's not special, but as it's scripted entirely in Esperanto, this previously lost cult-classic is quite a rarity, and surprisingly interesting to watch. Contains Pre-StarTrek Shatner and demon hotties: enjoy!

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0059311/?ref_=tttr_tr_tt

Director: Leslie Stevens
Year: 1966
Main Cast: William Shatner, Allyson Ames, Eloise Hardt, Ann Atmar, Milos Milos

Random Trivia: Reuses music from The Outer Limits episode "Nightmare"

Cursed: According to William Shatner, the film was "cursed" by an inquisitive passer-by hippie who had been rudely chided by the cast and crew during production in Big Sur. The original negatives and all known prints of the film had been accidentally destroyed shortly after it's debut, one cast member committed suicide, and another committed a murder-suicide... the film was considered lost for several decades, before a print was found in a private collection, in France. The moral of this story: be nice to hippies on the beach.


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